Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tuning Your Mobile Up...... PIMP Parking

Sounds alright hey....

But you im talking about, tuned cars on your mobile, pictures, screensavers, polyphonic and crazy ringtones.

Anything from hot chicks laying on cars, to pimp parking only.

Ringtones - BlaBlaBla, sexyback, traffic etc

Ringtone Compatibility

Do you own:

Airam, Airness, Alcatel, Amoi, Audiovox, Benq, Benq-siemens, Bird, Blackberry, Dbtel, Ericsson, Ezze, G-mobile, Grundig, Htc, Huawei, I-mobile, Innostream, Kyocera, Lenovo

and the list goes on here

If your looking for mobile content for any phone (over 900 phones to choice from) i dont think finding your mobile will be a problem

All the best, Enjoy!

Sunday, January 28, 2007